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Zoho Corporation is one of the best developers of integrated online productivity applications for professionals in various fields. The Zoho online accounting software or Zoho Books is one of the best and useful products by the software company. Zoho Books not only manages your finances but also manages other facets of your business, like keeping you GST compliant, automating business workflow, and working collectively across departments.

This Zoho accounting software allows you to record, monitor, and reconcile your bank accounts and let you communicate and work with your accountant in real-time. Furthermore, Zoho Books helps you make better, more informed decisions to keep you on top of your business.

Advantages of Zoho Books

The calculations and record-keeping involved with business accounting is a complex and time-consuming task. Accounting software like Zoho Books makes the task easier, and business owners can focus on administrative tasks and executing their strategies.

Key advantages of using Zoho Books are:

  1. Using online accounting software, you would find it easier to enter data and store them. Further, entering manual data entry is prone to a lot of errors and is extremely time-consuming. Having software do the same work automatically stores and extracts relevant information for creating transactions.
  2. By keeping a strict record of the user’s transactions, Zoho Books can easily calculate taxes.
  3. Data is easily available and accessible for future works.
  4. You can integrate with other business apps.
  5. The chances of data loss are lessened, as you do not have to resort to long hand-written sheets of data and notes.

Partnering Up

Working with Zoho Books as partners brings forth many benefits for both the business and their clients. Zoho Books partners have advantages as follows:

  • Not only your business, but your clients are made GST complaint too
  • Your data couldn’t have been more secure. No matter where you are working from, the Zoho software performs automatic backups and security checks to ensure the data’s integrity and security.
  • With your position as a partner, you would meet new people and generate leads for your business.
  • Have access to a growing community of users, developers, and supporters of the Zoho Projects.
  • Users and clients have free access to the materials on Zoho Books.
  • You have to collaborate and work with others through the cloud — inter-department collaboration couldn’t have been made easier.
  • Have access to a dedicated manager account, with access and control over other accounts through a single point of contact.
  • As a Zoho Books Partner, you would have the tech team’s full support whenever you run into a technical complexity or find it challenging to proceed further.

Zoho Books — An Excellent Product

With its features, the Zoho accounting software is often used by several businesses. A sole proprietor would find the cheaper plans useful, while a big business would find the higher plans beneficial.

The advanced tools offered by Zoho Books gives it more appeal, accounting for its growing popularity among big businesses and companies. Zoho Books is perfect in all the functions it performs.

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