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Partnering up with Zoho can give your company or business the push necessary to be relevant in the current market. Zoho is an Indian multinational technology company headquartered in Chennai, India, that specializes in software development. Zoho often partners up and works with top-notch VARs, MSPs, SIs, consultants, and technology partners to spread their business all across.

At the moment, Zoho offers its partners three different positions:

  • Consulting Partner
  • Platform Partner
  • Technology Partner

Zoho Consulting Partner
They are specifically responsible for customizing, integrating, and implementing Zoho solutions for their customers. They provide custom solutions across Zoho products after properly analyzing the client’s needs.

Zoho consulting partners perform the Zoho implementation services with your home or company systems. They customize the Zoho software to suit the needs and requirements of customers and businesses. They act as Zoho implementation partners and train customers to maximize their profits and efficiency using the software. Further, they continue to provide ongoing consulting and support as per customer needs.

Zoho Platform Partner
The Zoho Platform Partners builds customized solutions on existing Zoho platforms. They could be preparing a CRM solution for a specific industry or a completely customized solution for a particular client. They manage the orders for the company and deliver solutions or products to their clients or customers.

implementation of ZOHO partners

Expectations from a Platform Partner:

  • Deep knowledge and a proper understanding of the working and best practices used in a particular industry
  • Skills and knowledge for platform development
  • Have proper lead generation and customer acquisition capabilities, with an established business with prospects in the chosen industry
  • Be experienced in managing customer support and customer relations.

As a Platform Partner, you can access a dedicated business and partner support team and contact current customers with similar systems. Furthermore, Zoho gives you the freedom to set pricing and margins for its products under your own brand name. This can launch your business to great heights and give you a great margin of profit.

Zoho Technology Partner

They are tasked with integrating the Zoho Software solutions with one or more products to enhance the customer experience. Zoho has several technology partners across various industries to give customers access to a broadly integrated suite of complementary products and services.

As a zoho technology partner, your invaluable work and efforts garner commendations, and you get several exclusive benefits such as:

  • Exclusive and unhindered access to Zoho developers and integration resources
  • Your products and services are listed on Zoho Marketplace.
  • You can extend your products to solve greater customer needs.
  • The Zoho customer base allows you to drive new business for your products.

The solutions provided by Zoho are like children of technology, and so Technology Partners are vital. As a technology partner, you need to be diligent and hardworking, with an established track record in your product/service category with existing customers. Besides, the technical staff should have answers to support customers in times of need and explain the working of a particular service or product.

They should understand cloud integration technologies, as it plays a major role in Zoho software.

Partnering up with Zoho can be a beneficial proposition, not only for your business but also for Zoho.

Also, the benefits that a partner gets are compensatory for their work and services. Besides, the tutorials and learning experience are priceless, and you can use your knowledge later on in different fields of work.

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